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Your Final Show

“I gotta let you know, this is your final show” 

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you just need to tell someone where to stick it. 

Moonshifter return to their roots for the release of their latest single YOUR FINAL SHOW, a song full of attitude with the ‘stick it to em’ sentimentality.  A straight ahead rocker, infectious with a driving rhythm, defiant vocals and a killer lead solo. 

The third of five singles to be released this year, following on from the commercial rocker ‘Hey Little Girl’ and Epic rock trip ‘Not In Love With Me’,.

‘Your Final Show’ musically harkens back to the band’s respected debut Love Lust Fire Dust album of 2018 .  So grab your favourite drink, turn it up nice and loud and enjoying Your Final Show in all its belligerent glory!

Your Final Show was recorded in May 2019 at Black Pearl Studios in Melbourne Australia. 

Engineered by Dave Augustus

Produced by Moonshifter and Dave Augustus 

Mixed by Dave Augustus and Chris Gatz at GM Sound Studios

Mastered by Louis De Visme


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Moonshifter has released a number of singles as well as their full length debut album Love Lust Fire Dust.

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