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Not In Love With Me

Moonshifter are pleased to present their most epic, triumphant rock tune to date, the kaleidoscopic ‘Not In Love With Me’ set for release on Friday June 26 2020.

With traditions in 70’s rock, anthemic chorus’s, a brooding breakdown and power driven outro, the song is one of Moonshifter’s most varied, and most powerful displays.

A tale of desire and passion, boundary defined affections, jealousy and resentment as well as rejection, acceptance and strong resolve, the music reflects the treacherous lyrics.

The song follows on from the previous much respected single ‘Hey Little Girl’ released earlier this year, but contrasts dramatically, showcasing the bands diversity this time with huge drums, riffs, and vocals along with in your face harmonies. 

Not In Love With Me was recorded in May 2019 at Black Pearl Studios in Melbourne Australia. 

Engineered by Dave Augustus

Produced by Moonshifter and Dave Augustus 

Mixed by Dave Augustus and Chris Gatz at GM Sound Studios

Mastered by Louis De Visme


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